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Tue Oct 7 12:40:48 BST 2008

Agan Tavas Special General Meeting

Report by Ray Chubb

Members of Agan Tavas recently attended a Special General Meeting held  
at the Polkyth Leisure Centre, St Austell. The purpose of the meeting  
was to amend the Constitution of the Society to enable it to devote  
resources to the Standard Written Form.

After lively but amicable discussion it was decided to add the  
following clause to the section of the Constitution headed 'Aims':

“The Society may also support the Standard Written Form and its  
Traditional Graphs and variations, as well as Kernowek Standard”.

And in Cornish:

“An Gowethas a alsa scodhya ynweth an Furf Scryfys Savonek hag y Rafow  
Hengovek ha Varyansow, warbarth gans Kernowek Standard”.

Members present were pleased with the final outcome which allows the  
Society to support the Standard Written
Form with or without the traditional graphs, as well as the continuing  
work on the Kernowek Standard specification currently being undertaken  
by the “Spellyans” group.

Following the Special General Meeting lunch was taken at the Rashleigh  
Arms in Charlestown followed by a visit to the Shipwreck and Heritage  
Museum. The quiz in Cornish was won by Esme

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