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Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Fri Sep 5 17:57:36 BST 2008

Durdadha why oll,

I'm Ray Chubb.

I'm aged between 50 & 60, a fluent speaker of my own language and all  
my family speak Cornish, my two sons as a first language.

I teach Cornish at the Camborne class.  Unified, because up until now  
exams have only been available in Kemmyn and Nance's Unified.  I  
prefer to use Unified Revised.  This system corrects some of Nance's  
errors while keeping within the principle of basing Cornish  
orthography on Cornish when it was at its zenith.

I am the Secretary of Agan Tavas the organisation reformed in 1990 to  
ensure the continuation of Unified and traditionally based Cornish  
speech and orthography.

Having now done some work in the Standard Written Form I am aware of  
its rules and deficiencies.  I did not wish to join Spellyans until I  
had reached this stage.  My interest is in ensuring that children in  
Cornish schools are taught Cornish which is as authentic as possible  
both in terms of writing and pronunciation.

Oll an gwella dheugh why oll,

Ray Chubb


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