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I agree that we do not need a double-N in this word. Furthermore the <ey>
seems to be erroneous. SWF-gweyth  is actually attested as "guyth" (Ton
1504) and "gwyth" (Jordan 1611). SWF unnweyth is attested as  "vn weth",
"vn wyth" and "vnwyth" (Ordinalia), and "unwyth" and "unwt" (Ton 1504)..
Words ending in '-weyth' includeSWF-bythkweyth: bythqueth, bytqueth
(Pascon agan Arluth); byth queth; bythqueth; bytqueth; vytheth; vythqueth
(Ordinalia);  bythqueth; vyketh (Ton 1504); Bythqwath, bythqwath,
bythqwathe (Jordan 1611).
SWF-diwweyth: dewyth; dywyth (Ordinalia).SWF-dydhweyth: dethwyth (Ton
SWF-kankweyth: can quyth (Ordinalia).
SWF-milweyth: myl weth; myl wyth; myl-wyth (Ordinalia); mylwyth; mylwt
(Ton 1504).
SWF-nosweyth: noswyth (Ton 1504).SWF-pedergweyth: pedergwyth (Pascon agan
SWF-peskweyth: Pesqwythe (Jordan 1611).
SWF-prysweyth: prygwyth (Ordinalia).There is one example of '-eyth' in
Pascon agan Arluth: "tergweyth". This seems to be the only
exception. Moreover SWF-teyrgweyth is attested elswhere as 'tergweth'
(Pascon agan Arluth) and ter-gwyth (Ordinalia). In particular one should
note the attestation of SWF-seythgweyth in Jordan (1611): "Seyth gwythe".
Here '-eyth' contrasts with '-ythe'.The attestations indicate the
alternation y ~ e. We should therefore write 'unwÿth' ~ 'unwëth'.Jon

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SWF: unnweyth (adv.), once

The double <nn> in SWF unnweyth seems unnecessary. First of all since the
vowel <u> would be interpreted as short before <nw> and second, because
there is no pre-occluded form in LC (eneth NB). It seems to me that *unweyth
may be a more appropriate SWF spelling.

Dr. Jon Mills,
School of European Culture and Languages,
University of Kent

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