[Spellyans] SWF questionable wordforms

Andrew Climo andrew at agantavas.org.uk
Tue Sep 16 19:34:17 BST 2008

for what it's worth - my comments..


SWF: diwes (n.), drink                         


We have discussed this word here before and I remain sceptical that this is
correctly reconstructed. If the Cornish word form were a direct cognate to
Welsh diod and Breton died, we would expect Cornish *dies. This does not
occur. We have deuaz (Lh), dewes (WB). I should suggest, at least as a
variant, SWF *dewes.
[Andrew Climo] Completely agree - diwes seems to me incorrectly constructed
and (by analogy with god, two and black) I would have expected this sound to
have followed suit to the sound [u:], hence the spelling dewes.


[Andrew Climo] Also strongly support the dyski ~ deski and similar variants


SWF: falladow (n.), failure                 falladow, faladow (MC)


The SWF specification on p.18 states: “Double consonants may only be written
in stressed syllables, including initial elements in compound words like
pednseythen ‘week-end’, which receive secondary stress.”


Thus this word should probably be spelled *faladow in the SWF. This is also
an attested spelling (BK).[Andrew Climo]  Yes, that's my understanding of
the agreement that we thrashed out at Treyarnon. falladow would break this
basic 'stress' rule.




SWF: gorthuher (n.), evening


Lhuyd’s spelling gÿdhiühar indicates that the spelling <dh> may be more
appropriate: gordhuher;[Andrew Climo]  I really doubt this. Without wishing
to rake up previously discussed points it should surely be gorthewer
(analogy nyhewer). Or is the proposal to respell nyhewer as nyhuher? Is this
etymologically correct?


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