[Spellyans] SWF questionable wordforms

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Pascon agan Arluth: dewas, zewas
Ordinalia: dewes; dywes
Ton, Rad. (1504): dewes; deues; dewosou
Boorde (1555): dewasWe should write 'dewes'.Jon

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SWF: diwes (n.), drink

We have discussed this word here before and I remain sceptical that this
is correctly reconstructed. If the Cornish word form were a direct
cognate to Welsh diod and Breton died, we would expect Cornish *dies.
This does not occur. We have deuaz (Lh), dewes (WB). I should suggest, at
least as a variant, SWF *dewes.
[Andrew Climo] Completely agree - diwes seems to me incorrectly
constructed and (by analogy with god, two and black) I would have
expected this sound to have followed suit to the sound [u:], hence the
spelling dewes.

[Andrew Climo] Also strongly support the dyski ~ deski and similar
variants ...

Dr. Jon Mills,
School of European Culture and Languages,
University of Kent

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