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We should write <dewes> because it is thus attested, the etymological vowel
fits, and the alternation -es ~ -osow is regular an well attested. -as would
have made sense in KS (original draft). What we shouldn't write is *diwes.
This is a purely speculative form that the SWF should not have permitted.
The <i> as reconstructed by George is by analogy with Breton and Welsh, but
the Cornish word has a different history. If it were analogous to the Breton
and Welsh forms we would have found *dyes or *dyas in Middle Cornish, which
we don't.




From: nicholas williams
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<dewas> is attested ten times in the texts.




On 17 Sep 2008, at 09:34, Michael Everson wrote:

On 17 Sep 2008, at 08:44, Jon Mills wrote:

Pascon agan Arluth: dewas, zewas
Ordinalia: dewes; dywes
Ton, Rad. (1504): dewes; deues; dewosou
Boorde (1555): dewas

We should write 'dewes'.


To be more specific: There is NO reason to write "diwes" at all, except that
George reconstructed it thus.


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