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I believe Andrew misunderstood my post thinking I was talking about the
“-uher” part of the word rather than whether <th> ought to be spelt <dh> or

I agree with Nicholas and Jon that it ought to be spelt <dh>. 

The second part of the word may well be connected to Middle Welsh <ucher>
‘evening’ and Old Cornish has <gurthuher>. One can reconstruct a late
British *uixer from Common Celtic *we(k)speros (cf. Latin <vesper>).




From: Jon Mills

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I cannot follow your argument, Andrew. Why do you doubt the legitimacy of
Lhuyd's <dh> in this word? How does analogy with 'nyhewer' tell us anything
about whether 'gorthuher '? should be spelled with  <th> or <dh>? The
attestations include Ordinalia: gorthuer


Ton, Rad. (1504): gorzewar

Which gives some legitimacy for spelling this word *gordhewer.



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SWF: gorthuher (n.), evening


Lhuyd’s spelling gÿdhiühar indicates that the spelling <dh> may be more
appropriate: gordhuher;[Andrew Climo]  I really doubt this. Without wishing
to rake up previously discussed points it should surely be gorthewer
(analogy nyhewer). Or is the proposal to respell nyhewer as nyhuher? Is this
etymologically correct?


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