[Spellyans] Language tags for Cornish orthographies

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I have some comments/questions:

What is the impact of this? What do we gain by having a tag and subtag? What 
does it do? Who needs to agree to it? How would people know?
It is difficult to comment on this until we understand the consequences.

I assume that <kw> is short for "kernuak" in it's various spellings.

If so, the subtags should also be in Cornish (and in their own orthography.)

That would rule out the proposed subtags that start with "cor" and also 
exclude those containing "SWF".

Should each language group propose their own tag? Should it be coordinated 
by a central authority?
There will probably be further orthogaphies proposed at various future 
times. Their "owners" may want to have their own subtag too!

Is KD still current or has it faded away?

Do we need another subtag to indicate original traditional spelling from the 
historical texts? What about Lhuyd's spelling?


Andrew J. Trim

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Subject: [Spellyans] Language tags for Cornish orthographies

> The language tag <kw> can be used to indicate that text is written in 
> Cornish, for example in HTML documents.
> Mechanisms exist for indicating that text is written in one or another 
> orthography. As we have a number of these, perhaps a set of subtags  would 
> be useful. The form of the subtags is something that could use a  little 
> discussion.
> The subtags must be between 5 and 8 characters in length.
> UC: unyes (5), mordonek (8), coruc (5)
> UCR: unysamd (8), golvanek (8), corucr (6), corur (5)
> KK: kemmyn (6), corkk (5)
> KS: standard (8), corks (5)
> SWF/M: corswfm (7), corsm (5)
> SWF/T: corswft (7), corst (5)
> I have not attempted an analysis of the various orthographies of  Gendall. 
> Comment?
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