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Lowena dhys ynweth Dan,
ha da o dha weles de Craig, gans Paddy hep mar,

First of all Dan, my criticism is not against your position in this, as in
your role you have to produce a dictionary for the SWF. and I do understand
those limitations placed on your work and what is acceptable to it.

Yes, my Bill and Ben reference was to the  pairing of Bock and Broch..(is
that spelling right?.. if not perhaps they could chair a committee and take
a year to put it right!)...and without any personal knowledge of these
seemingly private rulings my criticism stands. Perhaps Craig will get lucky
and obtain the written instructions and rulings that others have been unable
to obtain. By the way Craig... I dont believe Jenny is in the office this
week.. but good luck, as it would answer a lot of questions.

Yes Ray I do agree with you, and it is one of my main concerns in that as
you know I am about to begin a cornish class for families in Redruth, and
the chosen form is the SWF. I am merely teaching , the form having been
chosen by the venue because basically the hype has convinced them that since
their children are learning this form then they should.... fine but until
all their kids are indeed learning the SWF with all the necessary back up
materials.. such as dictionary and grammar books etc, then we are extremely
limited ." Porth" alone does little to help. The only advantage is that I
shall be teaching traditional graphs from the outset, since no-one is either
taking exams or involved in the LEA (or whatever they call it these days)
system. The biggest laugh is that the lessons are to take place in the old
boys grammar school recently named the "KROWJI".. the locals think that the
Polish have bought it! It is further humourous because the word they were
looking for was "workshops"...Oh well thats KK for you!

And lastly, the business of *gavar *versus *gaver.* My mentioning it at all
was more about representation of the majority, since most people on here
were glad to see that form used ever since the revival began, die without
representation. The same of course applies to all those other words
involved... and I am sure you will just end up with mass derogation
whichever form wins out, if we do not take into account current and the last
80 odd years practice.

Thanks for all the comments
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