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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Tue Apr 7 14:47:40 BST 2009

No one is saying anything about my place-name evidence for 'gaver'.   
Personally, I don't mind which spelling is adopted: gaver or gavar.   
Both are attested which brings me to the point.

Gaver can't be despised because KK happens to use that spelling.  Both  
gavar and gaver are attested, so both are genuine and not contrived.

Regarding Trond's alleged rulings, if nothing has been committed to  
written record, then his 'rulings" are meaningless.  The SWF can only  
conform to what has been agreed, or ruled upon, and recorded in  
permanent record.  If not, then the process is incomplete and mere  
recollection as to what Trond ruled upon and what he didn't has no  
meaning at all.

What is written and recorded was the Commission's opinion that KD  
should be used as a basis and, therefore, if there is doubt (and  
without written record of Trond's apparent rulings), then the  
Coimmission's is what we must act upon.


On 7 Ebr 2009, at 14:04, Michael Everson wrote:

> In BK we have both "lavar" and "laver".
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