[Spellyans] 1st person singular preterite 'mynnys' and 'gallos'

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Fri Apr 17 12:17:45 BST 2009

The 3rd preterite leueris is attested over twenty times.
For the most part, however, -is, where it occurs, is a variant of -ys  
in the verbal adjective.
The only reason for mynnis is that -is is written in KK.

The preterite of gallos is gallas:

Eneff iudas ny allas dos yn mes war y anow PA 106a
bythqueth na allas e zon PA 169c
rak ny allas den yn beys anotho gul defnyth vas OM 2547-48
ef a allas dyougel del glowys y leuerel PC 2873-74.


On 17 Apr 2009, at 12:07, Ray Chubb wrote:

> I note that the spec. for the SWF has 'mynnis' and 'gyllis' for 1st  
> person singular preterite of 'mynnys' and 'gallos'.  Is there any  
> justification for not having the expected 'myynys' and 'gyllys' ?
> Ray Chubb
> Portreth
> Kernow
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