[Spellyans] 1st person singular preterite 'mynnys' and 'gallos'

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I am very sorry. My mistake. My eyesight is deteriorating.

The first singular preterite of gallos is not attested.

Gyllys is attested 26 times but only as the verbal adjective of mos.
It is never spelt gyllis either.

When a verb has a preterite 1st and 3rd singular alike in -ys
there is no difference in spelling between the endings in the texts.

ze iudas y leueris 'to Judas he said' PA 48a is third singular, but  
Pur apert hag yn golow
y leueris ow dyskas 'Quite openly and in daylight I uttered my  
teaching' PA 79a is first singular.

Similarly ny leuerys vn ger gow 'I have not said a word of a lie' RD  
1049 is first singular and
del leuerys thy'm perfyth 'as he told me perfectly'  RD 684 is third  

The distinction is unnecessary. Ef a leverys is common, but for 'I  
said' one also uses the third singular Me a leverys
and when negative or interrogative on usually says Ny wrug vy leverel,  
a wrug vy leverel.
Moreover the LC 3rd singular preterite is laveras, lavaras: e.g. Ha  
Deu laveras; Deu a Couzas an geryou ma, ha Lavaras TBoson.

The distinction between y leveris 'I said' and y leverys 'he said'  
cannot be justified by reference to the texts.

Nor can 1st singular preterite mynnis, gyllis be justified— 
particularly since neither preterite mynnys/mynnis nor preterite  
gyllys/gyllis is attested.The form mynnys, mennys occurs but only as a  
second person pres-fut. (for earlier mynnyth).

If they occur, KS writes <mynnys, mydnys>, <gyllys> for the first  
singular of mydnas, gallos.


On 17 Apr 2009, at 13:09, <ajtrim at msn.com> <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:

> The form gallas is 3rd pers.sg. preterite.
> Ray was enquiring about 1st pers.sg. preterite.

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