[Spellyans] 1st person singular preterite 'mynnys' and 'gallos'

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Thanks for that Nicholas.

I have seen some pretty rum things in the SWF but I think this one  
beats the lot.  It tends to make the preterite of a number of verbs  
more irregular than necessary and can cause mispronunciation.  I have  
been attempting to write some course material for the SWF, up until  
now I have been biting my tongue at its absurdities and getting on  
with it but on this one I shall be abrogating.

On 17 Ebr 2009, at 13:47, nicholas williams wrote:

> I am very sorry. My mistake. My eyesight is deteriorating.
> The first singular preterite of gallos is not attested.
> Gyllys is attested 26 times but only as the verbal adjective of mos.
> It is never spelt gyllis either.
> When a verb has a preterite 1st and 3rd singular alike in -ys
> there is no difference in spelling between the endings in the texts.
> Thus
> ze iudas y leueris 'to Judas he said' PA 48a is third singular, but  
> Pur apert hag yn golow
> y leueris ow dyskas 'Quite openly and in daylight I uttered my  
> teaching' PA 79a is first singular.
> Similarly ny leuerys vn ger gow 'I have not said a word of a lie' RD  
> 1049 is first singular and
> del leuerys thy'm perfyth 'as he told me perfectly'  RD 684 is third  
> singular.
> The distinction is unnecessary. Ef a leverys is common, but for 'I  
> said' one also uses the third singular Me a leverys
> and when negative or interrogative on usually says Ny wrug vy  
> leverel, a wrug vy leverel.
> Moreover the LC 3rd singular preterite is laveras, lavaras: e.g. Ha  
> Deu laveras; Deu a Couzas an geryou ma, ha Lavaras TBoson.
> The distinction between y leveris 'I said' and y leverys 'he said'  
> cannot be justified by reference to the texts.
> Nor can 1st singular preterite mynnis, gyllis be justified— 
> particularly since neither preterite mynnys/mynnis nor preterite  
> gyllys/gyllis is attested.The form mynnys, mennys occurs but only as  
> a second person pres-fut. (for earlier mynnyth).
> If they occur, KS writes <mynnys, mydnys>, <gyllys> for the first  
> singular of mydnas, gallos.
> Nicholas
> On 17 Apr 2009, at 13:09, <ajtrim at msn.com> <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
>> The form gallas is 3rd pers.sg. preterite.
>> Ray was enquiring about 1st pers.sg. preterite.
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