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Dan, your suggestion of an epenthetic vowel in *gavr , *pobl, *marw,
*lavr and *lyvr is one plausible explanation. But might not the final -r,
-l, and -w have been syllabic consnants?

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  Gaver is but one word, a more interesting question to me on a
  systematic level, is how to handle words that can be classed with
  gaver, namely words that have a so-called epenthetic vowel in the
  unstressed syllable. This means that at some point in the history of
  Cornish the monosyllabic word *gavr got an extra syllable by way of
  inserting an extra vowel: *gavXr. How, on a systematic level are we
  to specify the vowel graph used in the SWF, without saying, do it as
  it is done in KK, that is if you find fault in what Ken George
  decided for KK. We have words such as *pobl, *marw, *lavr and *lyvr.
  How do we spell these words and words that can be classed alongside
  them, hwo do we spell *pobXl, *marXw, *lavXr and *lyvXr.

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