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A syllabic consonant r or l, would not sound very different from schwa  
+ consonant.

Dan's question remains: how do we write *pobXl, *marXw, *lavXr and  
It seems that the traditional spelling of these and similar items has  
been influenced by
other factors. When in the sequence schwa + consonant, the consonant  
is [w], the
epenthetic vowel is the rounded schwa, written <o>: galow, marow,  
gelow, etc.
When the sequence schwa + consonant contains [l] or [r] preceded by a  
high or mid-high stressed vowel,
the schwa is written <e>: lyver, lever, pobel. The schwa is the higher  
variety, which can also be written <y>, e.g. pobyl.
When the sequence is preceded by the low vowel [a], the schwa is  
written <a>: lavar.

In which case <gavar> is probably the most sensible spelling for the  
word for 'goat'.

In Later Cornish <a> is written in all cases: maraw, pobal, levar  


On 20 Apr 2009, at 09:06, Jon Mills wrote:

> We have words such as *pobl, *marw, *lavr and *lyvr. How do we spell  
> these words and words that can be classed alongside them, hwo do we  
> spell *pobXl, *marXw, *lavXr and *lyvXr.

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