[Spellyans] Punctuation and the SWF

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Aug 11 10:59:28 BST 2009

The November 2008 Emendation to the SWF states:

"The SWF generally follows the practices of earlier Cornish  
orthographies with respect to punctuation. Since, however, UC, UCR,  
KK, and RLC have very different rules with respect to apostrophes and  
hyphens, it seemed useful to outline how hyphens and apostrophes are  
used in the SWF specification. *However, it should be emphasised that  
outside the specification and dictionaries this is entirely a matter  
of personal choice.*"

The CLP is responsible for the specification. But surely "and  
dictionaries" cannot apply to just *any* dictionary -- only to a CLP  
dictionary. Other dictionary publishers are surely free to make their  
own editorial decisions about the use of apostrophes and hyphens.

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