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Fri Aug 14 19:30:36 BST 2009

The word cowethas is clearly feminine in kyn fo tek an gowethas BM 4256.
Twice in other places cowethas, cowethes 'company' is written without  
a lenited initial.
This led Ray Edwards to assume that the word was masculine.
His argument is faulty, however.
The scribes frequently do not bother to write initial mutation.
In which case an cowethes 'the company' BM 2885 and an cowethas 'of  
the company' BM 4381 prove nothing.
The form an gowethas at BM 4256, however, is significant. If a scribe,  
who frequently does
not trouble to mutate initial consonants actually lenites the initial  
consonant in this word,
we can be sure that the initial was lenited in his speech.

Cowethas is feminine.

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