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“Skeul an Tavas” -- Corslyver rag Skeul an Yethow dyllys gans Agan  
Tavas ha gans Evertype.

Pys da yw Agan Tavas hag Evertype dhe avisya gans hemma i dhe dhyllo  
“Skeul an Tavas”, corslyver rag dysky Kernowek scrifys gans Ray Chubb.  
“Skeul an Tavas” re beu darbarys rag collenwel othomow an re-na usy ow  
tysky yn dann framweyth “Skeul an Yethow” a Asran Flehes, Scolyow ha  
Teyluyow an Ruwvaneth Unys. Nyns yw an cors-ma kepar ha nebes lyvrow  
erel, rag yma va ow tysky Kernowek yn maner hewul, heb gwaytya an  
studhoryon dhe wodhvos y’n kensa le pub poynt munys a ramasek an yeth.  
Yma an cors ow talleth gans an taclow selvenek -- hag i oll yw dyskys  
dhe’n studhyer yn maner hegar ha sempel.

Towlys yw an cors-ma dhe Level Sowena “Skeul an Yethow.” Yma teyr rann  
y’n keth level-na hag yma “Skeul an Tavas” rynnys ynter try darn, pub  
onan anedha ow cortheby dhe onan a’n teyr rann. Porposys yw an lyver  
rag arvreusyans pervedhek der an dyscajor y’n cammow usy ow ledya  
dhe’n Level Sowena, saw y fydh kevys y’n lyver-ma oll an cors dysky a  
vydh res rag gul an arvreusyans aves orth an Level Sowena.

Yma lies ensampel vas y’n lyver a Gernowek teythyek. Studhoryon a yll  
omassaya ha ledanhe a vo dyskys gansa solabrys yn unn bareusy  
ensamplys pella dre weres gerlyver. Yma gerva leun yn “Skeul an Tavas”  
a bub ger Kernowek usys y’n lyver. An lymnansow a wra gweres an  
studhyoryon ow convedhes styr lies ger heb mires orth an Sowsnek kyn  
fe. Y fydh “Skeul an Tavas” a brow bras dhe neb unn studhyer a garsa  
dysky Kernowek avel tavas cowsys pub dedh oll.

Y hyll an lyver bos kevys yn try spellyans dyvers. Agan Tavas re wrug  
dyllo dew a’n lyvrow. Yma an kensa lyver a’n re-ma ow tevnydhya  
“Grafow Hengovek” comendys rag scriforyon a vo whensys dhe usya  
spellyans tradycyonal dhe dhysqwedhes certan sonyow. Yma an secund  
anedha ow tevnydhya an “Chif-Grafow,” a vydh moy aswonadow martesen  
dhe dhyscajoryon dosbarthow a vo spellyans Kernewek Kemmyn usys gansa  
kyns lemmyn.

An tressa lyver, dyllys gans Evertype, (Cathair na Mart, Conteth Mayo,  
Wordhen), yw scrifys yn Kernowek Standard (“KS” bo “Standard  
Cornish”), versyon dysplegys a Furv Savonek Scrifys (“FSS”)  
Kescowethyans an Tavas Kernowek. Rann vras a broblemow apert an FSS re  
beu amendys yn Kernowek Standard, hag yma va moy kesson, moy sempel ha  
moy esy dhe dhysky es an FSS, ha moy ogas ynwedh dhe form an tavas  

Y hyll cavos copyow a'n lyver dhyworth Amazon.co.uk. dhyworth  
Amazon.com, bo dhyworth Spyrys a Gernow, shoppa at spyrys.org. Gweler http://www.evertype.com/books/skeul-an-tavas.html

“Skeul an Tavas” -- a Language Ladder coursebook published by Agan  
Tavas and Evertype

Agan Tavas and Evertype are pleased to jointly announce the  
publication of “Skeul an Tavas”, a coursebook by Ray Chubb designed to  
meet the needs of those learning under the structure of the Languages  
Ladder programme of the UK Department for Children, Schools and  
Families. Unlike some other coursebooks, this book teaches Cornish in  
a “can-do” way, and does not expect students to know the finer points  
of Cornish grammar from the beginning. The course starts with the  
basics—all presented in a friendly and accessible way.

This book is aimed at the Breakthrough level of the Languages Ladder.  
This consists of three stages and “Skeul an Tavas” is divided into  
three parts, each corresponding to one of those stages. The book is  
intended for internal teacher assessment in the stages leading to  
Breakthrough, but the whole syllabus required by a student to take the  
external assessment at Breakthrough level is covered in this book.

The book contains many practical examples of natural Cornish. Students  
can practise adding to what they have learned by constructing further  
examples with the use of a dictionary. “Skeul an Tavas” contains a  
complete glossary of all the Cornish words in the book. The  
illustrations will help students to learn the meaning of many Cornish  
words without reference to English. “Skeul an Tavas” will help any  
student to acquire Cornish as a spoken language for everyday use.

The course is available in three orthographies. Agan Tavas has  
published two of the books. The first of these employs the Traditional  
Graphs recommended for writers who wish to use more historically-based  
spelling. The second employs the “Main Graphs” orthography, which may  
be more familiar to class teachers who have previously used Common  
Cornish. The third volume, published by Evertype (Cathair na Mart,  
Ireland), uses Standard Cornish (“Kernowek Standard” or “KS”)  
spelling, which is a development of the Cornish Language Partnership’s  
“Standard Written Form”, correcting a number of identified problems.  
Kernowek Standard is more logical, simpler, and easier to learn, and  
is closer to the forms of the historical language.

Copies may be obtained from Amazon.co.uk, from Amazon.com, or from  
Spyrys a Gernow, shoppa at spyrys.org. See http://www.evertype.com/books/skeul-an-tavas.html

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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