[Spellyans] eleven & only

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Aug 22 12:33:31 BST 2009

I tend to agree with A. J. here. Not because it would be "easier", but  
because the Revived language has a derivative.

The simplex is UC/UCR ünyk, KK unnik.

The derivative is UC ünykter [ʏˈnɪktər], UCR ünycter [ʏ 
ˈnɪktər], KK unnikter "[ynˈɪktər]" [sic].

I do not find the word in RLC.

In KS we could write "udnek, unnek" 'eleven' and "udnyk, unnyk"  
'unique' and "unycter" 'uniqueness'. Otherwise we should have to  
change the neologism to "unecter".

Dan has "unicter" for the derivative, so I do not see why he should  
think it logical to change the suffix in the simplex.

I think Dan is without warrant to introduce this change to the  
vocabulary of Revived Cornish. No interpretation of the SWF  
specification leads to the change of UC unyk, KK unnik to unnek.

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