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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
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The word does occur in Late Cornish.  Gendall's source dictionary  
has:  en ednack (Gwavas); en ednak (Lhuyd).


On 22 Est 2009, at 12:33, Michael Everson wrote:

> I tend to agree with A. J. here. Not because it would be "easier",  
> but because the Revived language has a derivative.
> The simplex is UC/UCR ünyk, KK unnik.
> The derivative is UC ünykter [ʏˈnɪktər], UCR ünycter [ʏ 
> ˈnɪktər], KK unnikter "[ynˈɪktər]" [sic].
> I do not find the word in RLC.
> In KS we could write "udnek, unnek" 'eleven' and "udnyk, unnyk"  
> 'unique' and "unycter" 'uniqueness'. Otherwise we should have to  
> change the neologism to "unecter".
> Dan has "unicter" for the derivative, so I do not see why he should  
> think it logical to change the suffix in the simplex.
> I think Dan is without warrant to introduce this change to the  
> vocabulary of Revived Cornish. No interpretation of the SWF  
> specification leads to the change of UC unyk, KK unnik to unnek.
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