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Just took a quick look and I found 4 attestations, 2 each in TH and CW – interesting: encressyens, encresshys (TH) and incressya, incresshys (CW). I give both pronunciations in my dictionary: [ɛN”krɛsj at ns] ~ [ɛN”krɛS at ns].


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On 14 Dec 2009, at 15:17, Craig Weatherhill wrote:


> It's also a question of whether we are in danger of taking things  

> too far, which is a concern of mine.


“Taking *what* too far, Craig?


We have a rule. -ssya is [sjə], as in passya, encressya.”


CW also has vb.adj. passhes, so we may have palatalisation.


“We have a rule, -ssy- in other positions is [ʃ], as in passyon, posessyon.”


TH has possessyon, so we may have [pO”sEsj at n] or [pO”sES at n], no [z] as in English - perhaps?



“Since -ssy- has more than one reading, we need to have rules for the distribution. So we need to know what -ssyans will stand for. It looks to me like it will be [sjəns].


But there's nothing "dangerous" about asking such questions. KS is meant to be precise, as precise as we can make it.”



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