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Thu Jan 1 15:39:06 GMT 2009

In KS originally the preferred form of the verbal noun of ‘to do’ was  
<gwyl>. Then we decided that long /i:/ in monosyllables should be  
written <i>, e.g. in gwin, gwir, pris, etc.
That would have meant writing <gwil> ‘to do’, a spelling which is not  
actually attested. I decided in my own writing to revert to the  
Nancean form <gul>.

Although *gwil is not attested, forms close to it are:

pan vonsy o gwiell an ober warbarth SA 61
e ma o gweill an keth sentence ma playn SA 61a
pan vo an geir devethis rag gwiell an reverent Sacrament SA 62
rag henna gere Christ ema gwiell an keth Sacrament ma SA 62
tha gwiel pith nyn go derag dorne SA 62a
hag a vyn mos heb gwill gycke CW 535
y fydn dew gwill indella CW 2380
Hye oare gwile padn da gen hye glân James Jenkins
Ny dale dien gwile treven war an treath James Jenkins.

In the light of these attested forms, perhaps the default form in KS  
should be gwil.

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