[Spellyans] ‘Pound’ in Cornish

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It is unfortunate that we do not use <Z>. We could then write 'penz' (pound) and 'pens' (pence).

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> > I don't like <peuns>.
> > I don't think that we can improve much on Nance here.
> Agreed. 'pens' is too confusing with English 'pence'. It has to be  'puns'.
> As for '(new) pence', I've heard people calling them 'dynar' in  
> Cornish. This older word is still perfectly serviceable for the new 
>   currency, and if there were some possibility of confusion between 
>   pre- and post-decimal pennies (I can't imagine how, off the top 
> of my  head!), then it'd be easy enough to qualify them as 'noweth' 
> or 'coth.
> Anyway, there are far too many of the old terms for money that have 
>   already become obsolete with the disappearance of the old coinage 
>   (hanter-demma, ferdhyn, demma, whednar, sols, hanter curun, 
> curun,  gyny ...); we should conserve what little we have left!
> Eddie
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