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Alys in Pow an Anethow dyllys in Kernowek

Lien an tavas Kernowek a gemeras càm brâs in rag agensow pan veu  
dyllys trailyans Kernowek a'n lyver Alys in Pow an Anethow gans Lewis  
Carroll. Jowal bian a lien an flehes yw an lyver Sowsnek, Alice's  
Adventures in Wonderland, a veu dyllys rag an kensa prës i'n vledhen  
1865. Trailyansow in lies tavas dyvers re dhysqwedhas dhia an termyn- 
na. Trailyer an versyon Kernowek, an Descajor Nicholas Williams, yw  
scoler a'n tavosow Keltek usy tregys in Wordhen. Kyns ès ev dhe barusy  
an lyver-ma, ev a drailyas hag a dhyllas an lyver in Godhalek Wordhen.  
Y feu y drailyans ev degemerys gans gormola brâs hag lies onen a'n  
redyoryon a leverys fatell o an trailyans Godhalek gwell ès an versyon  
Sowsnek a veu va fùndys warnodho. Uhel dres ehen yw savon an Kernowek  
ûsys gans an Descajor Williams, dell yw gwyw rag lyver bryntyn kepar  
ha hebma. Heb dowt y fëdh y drailyans a versyow Carroll consydrys i'n  
termyn a dheu avell jowals bian in lien agan yêth ny.

Yma an lyver screfys i'n spellyans gelwys Kernowek Standard. Hen yw  
pòr ogas dhe lytherednans an Furv Savonek Scrifys, an spellyans  
unverhes rag ûsadow i'n bewnans poblek hag i'n scolyow. Saw nebes  
fowtys bian i'n Furv Savonek Scrifys re beu emendys in Kernowek  
Standard, hag yma toknys diacrytek ûsys ino kefrës dhe dhysqwedhes an  
dyffrans inter geryow spellys in kepar maner, bò dhe verkya vogalednow  
a vëdh leverys in fordhow dyffrans. Pynag oll a allo redya an Furv  
Savonek Scrifys a yllvyth redya an versyon-ma heb ancombrynsy vëth.

Y feu gwelys delinyansow gerys dâ Syr John Tenniel i'n kensa dyllans  
a'n lyver in Sownek. Yma an pyctours-na gwelys in versyon Kernowek  
kefrës. Dre vrâs yma an trailyans-ma kepar ha kensa dyllans, saw unsel  
ev dhe vos in Kernowek. Y feu an dyllans-ma olsettys ha dyllys gans  
Evertype, Cathair na Mart, Wordhen.

Y hyll cafos copiow a'n lyver dhyworth Amazon.co.uk, bò dhyworth  
Spyrys a Gernow, e-mail "shoppa @ spyrys.org", bò y fëdh tus abyl dhe  
brena copiow orth an Kescùssulyans a vëdh sensys gans MAGA in  
Lostwydhyel an 31 Genver 2009.

Gweler http://www.evertype.com/books/alys.html

Alice in Wonderland published in Cornish

Literature in the Cornish language has taken a leap forward with the  
publication recently of a translation into the language of "Alice's  
Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. The book "Alice's  
Adventures in Wonderland" is a treasure of English children's  
literature and was first published in 1865. It has been translated  
into many languages. The translator, Professor Nicholas Williams, is a  
Celtic scholar based in Ireland. Previous to the Cornish edition he  
translated and published the book in Irish. This received great  
critical acclaim with many readers of the view that the Irish version  
was better than the original English. The Cornish used by Professor  
Williams is of a very high standard as befits a gem of English  
literature. His translation of Carroll's poetry will be regarded as  
gem of Cornish literature.

This book is written in the spelling called Kernowek Standard. It is  
very close to the orthography of the new Standard Written Form, the  
consensual spelling for use in public life and schools, except that  
some small errors in the Standard Written Form have been amended in  
this spelling, and diacritical marks are also used to show the  
differences between homonyms or to indicate vowels which are  
pronounced in different ways. Anyone who can read the Standard Written  
Form will be able to read this version without any difficulty.

This new book contains the famous illustrations of Sir John Tenniel,  
which first appeared in the original English edition. Overall the  
appearance of the book is that of a first edition except that it is in  
Cornish. The book was typeset and published by Evertype, Cathair na  
Mart, Ireland.

Copies may be obtained from Amazon.co.uk, or from Spyrys a Gernow, e- 
mail "shoppa @ spyrys.org", or they will be available at the Seminar  
being held by Maga at Lostwithiel on 31st January 2009.

See http://www.evertype.com/books/alys.html

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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