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Cornish and Breton are very different, for all that they are closely  
Breton is SW British transposed to Gaul and learnt and spoken by  
Gaulish speakers.
Later Breton was heavily affected by French.

Cornish is SW British that never moved,
but was very heavily affected later by Old English (Late West Saxon)
and later Middle and New English.

George's naive (and indeed, groundless) assumption that Cornish was  
a dialect of Breton is the origin of most of the mistakes in
KK. And it is on the basis of these mistakes that the
orthography was concocted. Some of the inauthentic
features resulting from these mistakes in
KK, persist in SWF Main e.g. <iw> in diw, diwedh, etc.
Not to mention all the inauthentic graphs
like *hw, *kw and final i in *usi, *ki, etc.

Of course George's research was done in Brittany,
where Breton and Brittany were much better understood than
Cornish and Cornwall.

In recent articles I have attempted to show that
Cornish and Welsh had as much in common with
each other as Cornish had with Breton.


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> Presumably, Cornish was wrong for not being sufficiently Breton!

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