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I'll go with the consensus, with regards to the <y>, but is there any evidence for it?
There are only about four other words with the ending <-llyow>:¯
<gwyllyow> "vagrants", <kellyow> "cells", <qwyllyow> "quills", <styllyow> "beams".


Andrew J. Trim

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The various dictionaries give <cal, -yow> (UCR), <kalgh, -yow> (KK), <cal, caliaw> (RLC), so it seems there is a consensus for the plural suffix to be <-yow> rather than <-ow>. SWF with a short vowel would need to write <kall, kallyow> {call, callyow}.




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I would currently write <call> sg., <callow> pl. and <callek> adj.

There may be a case for <kellys> pl.


(Is this really the same word as <kell> sg., <kellow> pl. and <dewgell> dl. for the nearby parts?)


In my opinion, <kall> ~ <call> is best for the SWF.

I would ignore <kalgh>, and I really dislike <kal' >.


The SWF does not, of course, allow diacritical marks.

The best solution for KS may well be <càl> sg. and <calow> pl..


Andrew J. Trim




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I’ve now spelt <kall, call>, because I think it contains a short vowel. I have mentioned reconstructed *kalgh as a possible older form in the entry, but not recommended it as a main entry. Is this feasible? How about the plural?



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I forgot to add that the word is cal in place names, e.g. Calvadnack  

(<cal vannek), Colvannick (<cal vannek), Carrallack (< ker gallek),  

Colvenner (2 exx.) (<cal veneth).


The first example has: <cal>, 5 times from the available spellings,  

all 14th/15th century.


The second has: <cal> 8 times; <kal> twice; <col> once.


The third has: <-gallek> once; <-kallek> once, <-allek> once and  

<allack> once.


The fourth has, for the Cury site: <cal> once and <kal> once and,

                               for the Wendron site: <cal> once.


Not even a hint of a <-gh> ending, so, put with Nicholas's textual  

examples, that makes 28 historic examples of the word with no sign of  

<-gh>, against none that have such an ending.  Ergo, George's spelling  

is a fiction and is not Cornish.  The SWF <kalgh, calgh, kal', cal'>  

are therefore incorrect and should be <kal, cal> only.





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