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The Welsh variant caly implies that there was orignally something  
after the l.
Moreover the Irish congener calg 'prick' (of an insect) seems to  
indicate that the original etymon
was *kalg-.
This does not justify the Cornish form *calgh/kalgh. We know that  
Calesvol is the regular form
of 'Excalibur' < *kaledo-bulk- and the equivalent of Welsh dal, Breton  
dalc'h is probaly attested
in po res dal an vor, na oren pana tu, Thuryan, Houlzethas, Gogleth po  
Dihow in Pryce.
In Cornish the sequence /lx/ become /l/ in absolute final.


On 5 Jan 2009, at 15:53, Jon Mills wrote:

> So did Breton acquire the final /-x/ or did Cornish and Welsh lose it?

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