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Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 18:32:39 GMT 2009

It's incorrect, anyway:  I recommended Lostwydhyel/Lostwedhyel  
(preference to the former because the -e- alternation is much less  
apparent in historic forms of the name).

The qualifier is gwydh/gwedh+yel suffix = "place of (or district of)  
trees" (Generic is lost, "tail", i.e. "tail-end of a place of trees".


On 7 Gen 2009, at 16:58, nicholas williams wrote:

> The latest newsletter begins in the Late Cornish variant of the SWF.
> Inter alia it says:
> Les hwei a dheu dhe guntelles MAGA,
> ha na rugo’ hwei gorra ‘gas hanow
> hwath, me ‘venja drei hedna dhe ‘gas
> kov eneth arta, leverel dhew’ fatel
> vedh synjys yn mis Jenver, an 31vas
> jorna, yn Lostwydhiel.
> How are we to know that Lostwydhiel is not stressed Lostwy'dhiel?
> What are the rules?
> Nicholas
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