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No-one can dispute the relevance of place names. I would love a copy, 

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>Several months ago, Andrew, Maga paid me to produce a discussion  
>document, with a recommendation list for place-names.  The list that 
>produced contained about 3,500 toponyms, from towns and villages, 
>topographic features, and archaeological sites.  It has yet to see 
>light of day and one wonders why.
>What I endeavoured to do was to balance the linguistic demands with  
>preserving the historical integrity of each name (not always an 
>task).  As both the Commission and Jenefer herself has said, this 
>best achieved by using traditional graphs so I set out to adhere to  
>SWF/T as closely as I could.  This I almost achieved but felt  
>compelled to reintroduce the <au> graph, as the SWF alternative 
>did not work with the names.
>There is bound to be opposition from CLB members, because I heavily  
>criticised their place-name recommendation booklet in "Form and  
>Content".  However, their recommendations were all about language 
>this case KK), with no regard to the history of the names.  For  
>example, the CLB simply translated the modern English names of St  
>Columb Major and Minor into Cornish, producing Sen Kolomm Veur and 
>Kolomm Vyghan.  Had they done any historical research, they'd have  
>found the genuine Cornish names for both: Plugolom and Colom  
>I am happy to send a copy of the document to anyone who'd like to 
>On 7 Gen 2009, at 22:28, <ajtrim at msn.com> <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
>> I don't know the answer.
>> I did not think that there were any rules for place names.
>> Is anyone discussing place names yet?
>> By the way, the original MAGA text used straight quotes so the  
>> leading apostrophes of the Late Cornish variants looked OK.
>> If you are typing Late Cornish variant SWF, it's better to turn 
>> smart quotes.
>> Regards,
>> Andrew J. Trim
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>> The latest newsletter begins in the Late Cornish variant of the 
>> Inter alia it says:
>> Les hwei a dheu dhe guntelles MAGA,
>> ha na rugo’ hwei gorra ‘gas hanow
>> hwath, me ‘venja drei hedna dhe ‘gas
>> kov eneth arta, leverel dhew’ fatel
>> vedh synjys yn mis Jenver, an 31vas
>> jorna, yn Lostwydhiel.
>> How are we to know that Lostwydhiel is not stressed Lostwy'dhiel?
>> What are the rules?
>> Nicholas
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