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This sounds pretty "English" to me. This is called "hypercorrection". Since
many varieties of English English and Cornish English drop the "'aitches",
they are sometimes unetymologically put in before words starting with a
vowel. The same happens to Northerners who want to use the southern phoneme
/V/ ("u" in "but", as opposed to /U/ "u" in "put"; Northerners have the same
vowel in "but" and "put"). "But it didn't do him much good" /bUt It dIdnt
du: Im mUtS gUd/ hypercorrected to: /b at t It dIdnt du: Im mUtS gVd /, instead
of /bVt It dIdnt du: Im mVtS gUd/.


This happens because the speaker hasn't got a "native" feel for the way the
phonemes are distributed across the phonological system of a related, but
different dialect. 

Think of the difficulty Neo-Cornish speakers have when trying to distinguish
the diphthongs /Iw/ and /Ew/ from the monophthongs /y:/ and /u:/. There
tends to be large-scale overlapping of realisations such as [jUu], [EU],
[Yy], [jY:], [Uu] for all these phonemes, since these distinctions are
unnatural to the native English speaker. 



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That sounds typically Cornish : "I crashed into the 'edge, hofficer".



On 10 Gen 2009, at 12:17, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> There's also <huthyk> in RD 2304  "y mons ow crye huthyk".

> Dan


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> The only attested MC form is <vthyk>. *Euthik has been deduced from  

> the LC hapax

> legomenon <ethick> in Fa Ethreaz do chee Ethick gwreage dah John  

> Jenkins.

> Since MC spellings with either eu/ue or ik are unattested, and since  

> ithik is common in Lhuyd,

> the SWF should write the word <uthyk>. Euthik is the KK spelling.

> Nicholas


> On 10 Jan 2009, at 10:29, Craig Weatherhill wrote:



> I would imagine that the u- form is the most heavily attested.


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