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Prothetic <h> is sometimes found in the texts when the previous word ends
in a vowel.Jon

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There’s also <huthyk> in RD 2304  “y mons ow crye huthyk”.



From: nicholas williams
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The only attested MC form is <vthyk>. *Euthik has been deduced from the
LC hapax

legomenon <ethick> in Fa Ethreaz do chee Ethick gwreage dah John Jenkins.

Since MC spellings with either eu/ue or ik are unattested, and since
ithik is common in Lhuyd,

the SWF should write the word <uthyk>. Euthik is the KK spelling.


On 10 Jan 2009, at 10:29, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

I would imagine that the u- form is the most heavily attested.

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