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> Why didn't they just write: Alfe, Thadde, Barteme, Time, Sakke,  
> Nere, Hymene, Emma?
> Did they really need to Latinise these names in Cornish?

Erm. The names are Latin, or were when the Cornish encountered them.

> The Latin "-us" endings add nothing to the story.
> Diacritical marks are sometimes useful but they should always be  
> kept to a minimum.

I have no objection to the use of diacritical marks. To distinguish  
<eu> /ø/~/e/ and <eü> /eu/ seems quite reasonable. One might use <ew>  
for these (Thaddews etc).

The point, however, is that KK publications (biblical, no less) are  
recommending the use of diacritics. Why then were diacritics shunned  
by the KK representatives in the AHG?

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