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There is Late Cornish evidence:

Huei ’ra kavaz an guâz broz zigir-na kusga uor an gorha 'You will find  
that great lazy fellow sleeping on the hay' AB: 248a

There is also colles y gar nan hovly at BK 1596 which I understand as  
colles sygar na'n houly 'so that you don't pursue a sluggish loss'.  
But that is highly speculative.

By the way, I did not begin this thread in order to condemn the use of  
cadar, but to justify the use of chair. It seems better to use the  
attested word, rather than the unattested one, where possible. In this  
case cadar was clearly part of the vocabulary of Cornish at one time,  
and may well have been understood by Middle Cornish speakers. It  
clearly wasn't their usual word, which seems to have been chair.  
That's why I used and use chair in preference to cadar.


On 19 Gor 2009, at 22:20, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> s there any MC textual evidence for syger,

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