[Spellyans] Translating the Bible into Cornish

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 18:07:32 GMT 2009

Earlier today I gave a short paper at an international conference on  
translation in Trinity College, Dublin.

The title of the conference was "Translation Right or Wrong".
see http://www.tcd.ie/langs-lits-cultures/postgraduate/literary_translation/conference2009.php

My paper was on translating the scriptures into Cornish.
All the examples of the right and the wrong way to translate the Bible  
into Cornish were
taken from published portions of the scriptures, most notably the two  
versions of the New Testament.

I also pointed out that Nance's word  *Bybel was probably not  
correctly formed, being borrowed from Breton Bibl.
If the word had been borrowed from Middle English, it would appear
in Cornish as *Bybla; cf. Irish Bíobla.
If, as is more likely, it had been borrowed after the Reformation,
the word would appear in Cornish as *Beybel; cf. Welsh Beibl.

In which case, the title THE HOLY BIBLE is best rendered in the  
revived language as AN BEYBEL SANS.


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