[Spellyans] 'flood'

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 10:56:36 GMT 2009

The word for 'flood' is attested 7 times as <lyf> in OM.
In CW however the word appears as <lyw> twice and as <lywe> four times.
Moreover Tregear writes <lew Noye> 'Noah's flood' at TH 7.
We thus have <lyf> x 7 and <lyw(e), lew> x 8.

In KS we should allow both forms. <lyf> however must be respelt with
<i> rather than <y> and with final <v>. This means that the attested
lyf will appear as <liv>. I prefer to use <lyw>, which requires no
respelling. It may, however, be taken for lyw 'colour'.

What do others think?


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