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“Truan is [truːən] (Nance trūan)

Buan (unattested, borrowed by Nance) is [byːan]~[biːən]. This rhymes with <bian>! Unless it would be read [biʊən] as <buwan>, <bewan>, <bywan>. But it's not used in RLC, which uses <bewek> and <qwyck>.

In KS we can write <trûan> and <buan>. <ua> like <ia> is a quasi-diphthong, it seems. Or do we classify it as a proper diphthong?”



The regular development would give a diphthong *[ˈtrɪʊən] and *[ˈbɪʊən]. The former pronunciation is apparently attested in traditional dialect, Gendall mentions it. The /yː/ remains long in hiatus and develops in this position as if it occurred word-finally, thus the du “black”, tu “side” category. So diphthongisation in this position occurred before unrounding.

For what it’s worth…








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