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I think <pub dedh>~<pub dydh> works in any case. It’s quite possible that this was pronounced [pəpˈteːð] (sandhi) and Cornish speakers interpreted this as <pub dedh>. <Keniver jorna> is already in my SWF dictionary.




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Nance (1938) gives pupteth 'every day' and pupteth has always been the UC spelling of this phrase.

It is questionable, however, how far pupteth was ever really justified.


As far as I can see <pup tyth> is attested once in the texts (OM 831). I can find no example

of *<pup teth>.


The more expected form with initial <d> after pup/pub is better attested:


pup deth x 2 BM; x 1 SA

pub deth x 1 BM

pub dith x 3 TH

pob deth x 1 John Davies

peb Dydh x 1 John Boson

pub dyth x 1 John Keigwin

pob Dêth x 1 Wm Gwavas

peb dyth x 1 Pryce.


I recommend replacing *<pùptëdh> or *<pùptÿdh> in KS, if that is what we are using, with <pùb dëdh> or <pùb dÿdh>.


In Later Cornish the expression kinefar journa (KS kenyver jorna) is found in the Gwavas MSS.





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