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In the SWF, according to Dan's dictionary:

liv means "a file (tool)", "a flood", "a lunch", "it floods", "short for a 
Liberal", "he files (scrapes)", "she  lunches".

liw means "a colour", "he paints".

lyw means "a rudder", "a flood".

So liv has 7 meanings and liw/lyw has 3 meanings.

Moreover, "a rudder" may be spelt "lew" (which also means "a lion") so most 
ambiguities can be avoided.

As lyw needs no spelling change to bring it into line with the proposed 
orthographical model, and as lyw has

less meanings than liv, and at least one of those could be respelt, I 
conclude that lyw for "a flood" is better than liv.

However, I am concerned that the proposed orthographical model prevents us 
from using attested spellings that

would help to solve the problem of some spellings being overloaded with 
meanings. Perhaps we need to allow our

model to accept some exceptions. The word lyf would be authentic and not 
clash with anything else. The langage

would be harder to learn if it had some spelling exceptions but it could 
then prove easier to use. The pain may

have some gain.


Andrew J. Trim

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> The word for 'flood' is attested 7 times as <lyf> in OM.
> In CW however the word appears as <lyw> twice and as <lywe> four times.
> Moreover Tregear writes <lew Noye> 'Noah's flood' at TH 7.
> We thus have <lyf> x 7 and <lyw(e), lew> x 8.
> In KS we should allow both forms. <lyf> however must be respelt with
> <i> rather than <y> and with final <v>. This means that the attested
> lyf will appear as <liv>. I prefer to use <lyw>, which requires no
> respelling. It may, however, be taken for lyw 'colour'.
> What do others think?
> Nicholas
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