[Spellyans] Abbreviating Ordinal Numbers

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Wed Mar 25 14:38:36 GMT 2009

The two are not comparable. There is no other word for 'music'; there  
is, however, a traditional word for 'second' and it is not nessa.
The disputes about orthography have distracted attention from the  
spurious nature of much of the Nancean legacy.
Expressions like yn kever + noun for 'about, concerning', cola 'to  
lend', enep 'face', avon 'river', dos ha bos 'become' etc. Now, when  
there is something of
a new start, is the time to get rid of all these doubtful items.


On 25 Mar 2009, at 14:03, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>  <Nessa> is widely used as “second” in Revived Cornish. While I use  
> <second> and recommend it, I cannot ignore that a very large section  
> of the revival uses <nessa>. The same goes for words such as <ilow>.  
> You have said something along those lines in “Clappya Kernowek”,  
> that this word, though based on a misunderstanding, is too well  
> established in the Revival to disallow its use, whether we like it  
> or not.

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