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Actually Lhuyd (1707: 162a) writes "komolek".Jon

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  The word comolen, comol is borrowed from Welsh and Breton and is not
  attested in Cornish.Comolek 'dark, cloudy' is cited by Borlase (1758)
  and Pryce (1790). The <c> indicates that this does item not comefrom
  Lhuyd. The root comol- clearly existed in Cornish.I suspect that
  commol - comolen is intended to be the same alternation as gallos -
  galosek, etc.which is justified by the practice of the scribes.
  The only word for 'cloud' attested in the traditional language is
  *cloud, plural cloudys:
  omma avy than clowdes CW 4than noore in dan an clowdys CW 76.

  On 30 Mar 2009, at 08:16, Michael Everson wrote:

    By the way, Andrew and I came across an annoying problem with the
    SWF which has commol but comolen.

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