[Spellyans] An Abecedary Kernowek

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Mon Mar 30 12:56:02 BST 2009

So he does, under Tenebrosus. Thank you for that, Jon. Moreover, Nance  
in his 1938 dictionary ascribes comolek to Lhuyd.
I should have checked that.
Given that comolek means 'dark', not 'cloudy', it is quite likely that  
the word comol(en) 'cloud' was no longer known in Cornish in Lhuyd's  
Lhuyd's other words for 'cloud' are niul 'a little white cloud' and  
gorwer 'cloud, thick mist'.

On 30 Mar 2009, at 12:41, Jon Mills wrote:

> Actually Lhuyd (1707: 162a) writes "komolek".

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