[Spellyans] An Abecedary Kernowek

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 13:08:04 BST 2009

Michael wrote:
> I had a chat offline with Eddie and so far he and I still think the best run is:
> â, bê, cê, dê, ê, ef, gê, hâ, î, jê, kê, ell, èm, èn, ô, pê, cû, èr, èss, tê, û, vê, wê, ex, yê, zê
> ... though whether cû or kyû is better remains uncertain.

Rather than cû, I'd float the suggestion cu. RMC speakers would say
this as [ky:], while RLC speakers would make it [kIw]. This makes a
happy medium between the French and English names, and is consistent
with Cornish phonetics. For much the same reason, the name of u should
be u -- thus [y:] and [Iw] -- rather than û.

I would prefer hâ (or hâch) and kâ to hê and kê. Though it's our
inheritance, having most of the consonants end with ê is impractical;
it creates difficulties when spelling things over the phone, etc, so a
bit of variation is all to the good. For the same reason, zàd or zèd
would be better than zê, and jâ or jòd would be better than jê.

Wê and yê seem a little odd to me. For the first, I'd suggest either
dobel-vê (dobel-u?) or waw; for the second, î grew or ypsilon or why.

Oll an gwelha,

2009/3/29 nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>:
> kyû sounds like the name of the letter to English speakers. Cû is too like
> the interjection coo!

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