[Spellyans] The Cornish for 'fisherman'

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On 18 May 2009, at 18:16, nicholas williams wrote:

> In his 1938 and 1951 dictionaries Nance gives pyscajor as a variant  
> of pyscador 'fisherman'. The only examples of this word I can find  
> are: piscadur 'piscator' Old Cornish Vocabulary puscador TH 45a  
> Poscaders (plural) x 2 Rowe Pysgadar 'A fisher-man' AB; 17a Pysgadar  
> yn mytern 'kingfisher' AB: 65a Pysgadar 'fisherman' AB: 120c.  
> Pysgadar 'A fisherman' AB: 240c. Every example has -d- rather than - 
> j-. Where did Nance get pyscajor? Was it his own invention?

Your UCR dictionary gives

marhajor 'marketeer' (no -dor form)
descajor 'teacher' (no -dor form) (-dzher from Lhuyd)
cuscajor 'sleeper' (no -dor form)
pyscajor 'fisherman' (as a second form against the main pyscador)

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