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Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Wed May 27 09:05:13 BST 2009

Indeed.  The idea of a dictionary commission was mooted a while ago  
and, indeed, it was one of the matters for round-the-table discussion  
at Lostwithiel in January.  As far as I know, nothing further has been  
done.  There was mention of getting Andrew Hawke to head it but I have  
spoken to him, and he isn't interested in doing so.

It does seem to me that the Language Development Office is dragging  
its feet.  We're no closer to getting the language onto school  
curricula and, if the SWF is to be of any use at all, it is essential  
to have a dictionary in place.  Without one, the SWF can't progress in  
any way.  For the life of me, I can't understand the lack of action.


On 27 Me 2009, at 08:45, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 27 May 2009, at 08:04, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> Yes, I had already changed that a while ago.
> Older draft.
>> The SWF draft is not specific about the spelling of such loan words.
> Of course it isn't. The SWF specification (it's not a draft) is  
> incomplete in many ways.
>> I will offer discernya and see what the dictionary commission says.
> What dictionary commission?
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