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Dhew'whei oll lowena!


No dictionary commission? Do you mean to say you didn't get this invitation
to express your interest in the working groups? I thought this went out
along with the Maga's April Newsletter. Here's what it said: 




"31 March 2009                     



Following the evaluation of the MAGA project and the three year review of
the Partnership, it was decided to add to the structure working groups. The
aim of this is to widen involvement in the work of the Partnership and to
harness skills both from within the language community and from other areas
of interest to help monitor and assist in delivering the work programme.
These are advisory groups which will work closely with staff and report to
the Partnership and its Management Group. Four are envisaged, although it
may well be that the work is further divided in the future. The four groups
align with the four main areas of language planning:


. Acquisition - concerned with learning and teaching at all levels

. Corpus - concerned with the language itself, linguistic research and

. Use - community and business use of Cornish, support for speakers

. Status - Cornish in public life, international links.


Terms of reference for the groups are attached.

The Partnership is asking for expressions of interest from anyone who thinks
that they would be interested in taking part. You may also recommend someone
else whom you feel should be involved. In expressing interest or
recommending someone else, it would be helpful if you would note why you are
interested and what experience or knowledge you bring with you - not
necessarily of Cornish, as there are many skills that could be of use.


Responses should be sent by post or email, to arrive by May 1st, to: Jenefer

Development Manager, MAGA, Top Office, Dalvenie House, County Hall, Truro,

email: jlowe at cornwall.gov.uk Please mark envelopes as Confidential.


You may feel that you do not want to be involved in a working group, but
that you do have skills to offer in other ways. Maybe you would be happy to
help with events or you have a particular skill you could teach through
Cornish, maybe you sing or play, maybe you are prepared to give talks etc.
Maybe you have detailed knowledge or experience in other areas. If so, do
please let us know as we are establishing a 'skills register' on the
database for future projects. If you have any queries, please contact me.

Jenefer Lowe, Development Manager."




I sent out an expression of interest. I hope to hear from them sometime. 


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"Indeed.  The idea of a dictionary commission was mooted a while ago and,
indeed, it was one of the matters for round-the-table discussion at
Lostwithiel in January.  As far as I know, nothing further has been done.
There was mention of getting Andrew Hawke to head it but I have spoken to
him, and he isn't interested in doing so.


It does seem to me that the Language Development Office is dragging its
feet.  We're no closer to getting the language onto school curricula and, if
the SWF is to be of any use at all, it is essential to have a dictionary in
place.  Without one, the SWF can't progress in any way.  For the life of me,
I can't understand the lack of action.





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