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No. It should be Dùrda dhywgh why and Dùrda dhis/dhe jy.
If we leave Durdadha as a unit it will be stressed on the penultimate  
But Durda is stressed on the <u>.
Durda is from Duw roy dëdh dâ 'may God give good day' and is a natural  
It is pronounced with [u], not [iw] or [y] and thus should carry a  


On 28 May 2009, at 14:10, Michael Everson wrote:

> Dan has:
> durdadhy’hwi ~ durdadhe’hwei
> This analysis in orthography is a bit precious. I don't think we  
> should imitate this in KS. I think lexicalizing the first part and  
> leaving the pronoun alone, as "durdadha why" (and "durdadha jy") is  
> sufficient.
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