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I've changed the IPA transcription. Of course we can only derive a voiced vs. voiceless pronunciation of <s> in reson and mason from English and assume this English contrast remained in these loans into Cornish.



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> How does KS distinguish between the s in reson (voiced) and the s in  

> mason (unvoiced)?


reson [ˈrɛzən] 'reason', basson [ˈbæsən] 'basin', masson [ˈmæsən] 'mason'. (Dan should check his transcriptions for these words.)


> I cannot find anything about this in the specification.  Please  

> advise.


The specification is for KS1 which is quite different from KS. KS1 was a proposal that went in as input to the AHG. I rather doubt most of the AHG members studied it, but that's neither here nor there now. KS starts from the SWF. For instance, KS1 has "beis" but the SWF has  

"bys"/"bes", for which KS has "bÿs"/"bës". Distribution of "i" and "y" in stressed monosyllables and their derivatives is completely different in KS1 and KS (since KS follows the SWF here).

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