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"Jowal Lethesow" dyllys in Kernowek

Yma Evertype gans hebma ow notya bos dyllys "Jowal Lethesow: Whedhel a'n West a Gernow", aga versyon Kernowek a lyver "The Lyonesse Stone" gans Craig Weatherhill, trailys gans Nicholas Williams.

Termyn pòr hir alebma pow Lethesow inter Pedn an Wlas ha Syllan a wrug sedhy rag nefra in dadn an todnow. Ny dhienkys marnas Arlùth Trevelyan. Lies bledhen awosa yma whedhel coth an pow kellys ow tewheles dhe dropla Peny ha Jowan, whor ha broder, neb yw skydnys dhyworth Arlùth Trevelyan y honen. Destnys yns dhe gollenwel profecy coth, hag y degys aberth in gwlascor gudh a'n West a Gernow. Ena y a vÿdh maglednys i'n whilas auncyent rag power hag anvarwoleth. "Wàr an tu aral a'n park, dhyrag an magoryow overdevys, a sevy seyth marhak; linen gasadow a skeusow cosel. Tewl o aga mergh, tewl aga mentylly hir, ha down o an cùgollow ow keles aga fysmant." Yma Arlùth Pengersek ow cresy y hyll ev spedya dre weres an drognerthow-ma. Saw kynth usy an whedhlow coth ow tasvewa, yma Peny ha Jowan Trevelyan a'ga sav intredho ev ha... Jowal Lethesow.

Y fÿdh gwelys i'n lyver delinyansow gwrÿs gans an auctour. An lyver-ma yw olsettys ha dyllys gans Evertype, Cathair na Mart, Wordhen.

Copiow a'n lyver a yll bos kefys dhyworth Amazon.co.uk. dhyworth Amazon.com, bò dhyworth Spyrys a Gernow, e-mail shoppa @ spyrys.org. Gweler http://www.evertype.com/books/jowal.html

"Jowal Lethesow" - "The Lyonesse Stone" published in Cornish

Evertype announces the publication of a Cornish version, translated by Nicholas Williams, of a book by Craig Weatherhill, "Jowal Lethesow: Whedhel a'n West a Gernow".

Long ago, the land of Lyonesse between Land's End and the Isles of Scilly sank forever beneath the waves. Only the Lord Trevelyan escaped to tell the tale. Countless years later the legend of the Lost Land returns to haunt his descendants, who find themselves transported to the hidden realms of West Cornwall. Bound to fulfil an ancient prophecy, Penny and John Trevelyan are caught up in a centuries-old quest for power and immortality: "On the far side of the field, in front of the old, overgrown ruin, stood seven horsemen: a sinister line of motionless shadows. Dark were the horses on which they sat, dark their flowing robes and deep the cowls which hid their faces." With the help of these evil forces, the Lord Pengersek believes he will win. But while ancient legends spring to life, it is Penny and John Trevelyan who stand between him and... The Lyonesse Stone.

The book contains illustrations by the author. The book was typeset and published by Evertype of Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Copies may be obtained from Amazon.co.uk, from Amazon.com, or from Spyrys a Gernow, e-mail shoppa @ spyrys.org. See http://www.evertype.com/books/jowal.html

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