[Spellyans] fleece, flood, nut, get

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Nov 25 16:40:34 GMT 2009

On 25 Nov 2009, at 16:11, j.mills at email.com wrote:

> Lhuyd (1707: 170c) gives the form "knêu" for English 'fleece'.  
> George (GKK) gives this word as "knyv". Should we write this word  
> with final <-w> or <-v>?

These words are a bit difficult. It appears we ought to have:

knÿw/knëw 'fleece', knÿvya/knëvya 'shear'

lÿw/lëw 'flood' pl lÿvyow/lëvyow

knofen, know 'nut'

cav 'gets', cafos/cawas vn.

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