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No problem, Jon. Re Varia! Haven’t we all been there, seen it, done it?




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Sorry! Lhuyd (1707: 48b) gives "lêụ" for 'rudder'. I withdraw my earlier remark.


Dr. Jon Mills, 
School of European Culture and Languages, 
University of Kent


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I can only find <liụ> in Lhuyd for colour. The only spelling I have with <ew> is in CW. There are spellings from OC with <iu>, MC with <yw>, <yv> which are much more frequent. Why base the spelling of this word on a single attestation of <ew> rather than a more richly attested digraph <iu> ~ <yw>?




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“Lhuyd (1707: 48b) gives "lêụ" for 'colour'. I think we should write this word 'lew'.


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